Year ago my two babies Hiddekel GAENA and GAYERI achieved titles as a Poland Junior Winner on duo CACIB Poznań.

This year they also did amazing job with theit lovely owners.
Bożena and Dorota I’m proud of your self handling, the fact, that our azawakhs were calm on the ring and even japanese judge could touch them all. I always think in this situation, that I couldn’t dream better homes than you.

After 2 days of competition we got
💙Poland Winner for Hiddekel GAENA ” Ruda” with BOB and BOS
💙last CAC to POLISH CHAMPION for Hiddekel GAYERI „Geju” with two excellent marks and BOS
💙 and last CAC for Ruda for her POLISH CHAMPION title.

Right now in Hiddekel kennel we got 3 adult Polish Champions! Great results my family

ps picture is from year ago I hope for new one in this week

photo by Kaj Frøling