Yasmin from Arara Israel

CH JONI Neshama Tova + Unknown Bedouin Female

Bulgarian Junior Champion

Polisch Champion

Home name: Jaśmina / Jasmin

  Owner: Aleksandra Teresinska

  Breeder: Keren Mintz

Sex: female

Date of Birth: 20.02.2015

Land of Birth:  Israel 

Land of Standing: Germany

Colour: grizzle

I don’t remeber what excatly day it was, but I heard that someone tag me on FB. My best friend showed Jasmin’s gallery – then as a bedouin puppy looking for forever home. It was love at the first sight. I wrote to her 'breeder’ and, after almost a month, I was ona trip to Israel.

She chose me, she knows that she will spend her life with me – the same said Keren. Jasmin lives with me and my dogpack in home. She has amazing character, very brave, but also gentle. She is always happy and wants to play whole time. Her best friend is Great Dane, but she also knows her place in gang.

She is true Saluki from outside and inside. Her heart is like desert – hot and you can lost in it.