J.A.Y. JP Arabian Song

J.A.Y. JP Love at first sighth + J.A.Y. JP Falco Saker Ariel

Montenegro Junior Champion

Polish Junior Champion

Bulgarian Champion

Polish Champion


3/12 junior class World Dog Show 2015

1/4 junior class Raduno, Italy

Home name: Bianca

  Owner: Aleksandra Teresinska

  Breeder: Jay Ito

Sex: female

Date of Birth: 14.06.2014

Land of Birth: Japan

Land of Standing: Germany

Colour: Red/cream

My sweet Arabian Song – Bianca came to my home suddenly. She was born in Japan in house of breeder who owned a Fara’s (azawakh) sister. I waited for a saluki long long time, and then I got call with question am I still interested of her. My decission was very fast, and month later I was on way to Hungary to pick her up. She is the most adorable dog I have ever seen. I am for her like a picture, she could watch me almost all her time. She likes to spent time on games with another dogs or cats. If she has a possibility to lays with me on bed – she does it. Sometimes she has her own crazy world, but I love to see her happines anyway. She loves all people and animals.