In 8th November 2018
Sam and Bianca became parents of
first saluki litterF” in our kennel
Hiddekel FCI

5 boys and 2 girls



male – Hiddekel FUKKATSU (stay in kennel)

male -Hiddekel FUJIMI (Poland)

male -Hiddekel FURANO (Poland)


male -Hiddekel FUNABASHI (Poland)

male -Hiddekel FUKORI (Austria)

female -Hiddekel FUBUKI (stay in kennel)

female -Hiddekel FEE FUKAYA AT YALAMEH (kennel Yalameh, Germany)


*Dam : J.A.Y. JP Arabian Song

(J.A.Y. JP Love at first sight + J.A.Y. JP Falco Saker Ariel)

import from Japan to kennel Hiddekel

*Sire : Pazada STAR ALLIANCE

(Baghdad SUNSATION + Pazada STAR VIEW)

import from Australia to kennel Badavie

Bianca’s achievments:
  • Polish Junior Champion
  • Montenegro Junior Champion
  • Bulgarian Champion
  • Polish Champion
  • 3/12 WDS’15 junior class
  • 1/4 Raduno’15 junior class
  • Cruft’s Qualification ’16
  • BOG I
  • Sweden Champion
  •  #14 saluki in Sweden 2016
  •  #10 saluki in Sweden 2014
  •  JBIS II
  •  BIS (15-25 months)
  • BIS Vännäs’17
  • BIG Vännäs’17
 pedigree here

I’m happy that kennel Badavie let me use their import from Australia.My future combination will give me a  COI 7.07% to 10th generation. Lines of parents are rare in Europe, because most of thier sibilings are in USA.

Bianca is very elegant and gentle saluki female. Her character is extraoridnary. She is friendly and love people and other animals. She can be pet all day. She is our princess with her own world. sometimes she could lay on the flor all day and watch the birds outside, sometimes she is so full of energy, taht with a big smile runs on the fields.

Sam is a loving and very happy dog. He usually likes other dogs and like to play with them, but when something is going bad, he will be protecting their family. „Sam is guarding the house and he sounds like a german sheperd! Until you come into the house than he greets like a kangaroo :), but when he is somewhere else than home he doesn’t guard at all… „He loves to cuddle and to be part of dayli things.

I’m looking for future owners who will respect Saluki breed. They are very special with special needs, so you need to think twice before you get a dog. It’s not like have another dog in home , it’s like have another inteligent creature that you need to care on.

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