Puppies will be born in the end of February or begin of March

Pedigree of future litter ‚B’

In 2018 we are planning second and last litter of Fara in our kennel.

*Dam: Eidi n’Amanar FAR’AAH – Fara
(WW EuW MultiCH Aulad Al Sahras L’Equel + CH Tombouktous X’Alamou)

*Sire: Taoudeni `n shat-ehad
(Modibo ‚n shat-ehad + Oum Namous ‚n shat-ehad)

Faras’ achievments:
~International Beauty Champion (C.I.B.)
~Polish Junior Champion
~German Junior Champion
~Dwzrv Junior Champion
~Montenegro Champion
~Polish Champion
~Moldova Champion
~Basarabiei Champion
~Moldova Grand Champion
~v2 ResVDH winner in middle class JAS 2015 (azawakh speciality in Germany)
~open championships:

-mother of G litter

Taoudeni’s achievments:
~Ch De
~coursin licence

I’m looking for future owners who wants to get responsibility for Azawkh’s life. This breed is very special , so you need to hard want to get a joy of life with them.

For more information contact with me by Private Message, on FB fanpage or

Faras movements movies:

Photos of parents











Grandparents gallery

Modibo + Oum – Taoudeni’s parents

L’Eguel + X’Alamou – Fara’s parents