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Gaena is a star!

Gayeri 2xBOB on NDS Rybnik PL

Krajowa Wystawa Psów Myśliwskich 30.09.2017 Ocena Doskonała, Zwycięzca Młodzieży, JBOB, BOB. XXXVI Krajowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych 01.10.2017 Ocena Doskonała, Zwycięzca Młodzieży, JBOB, BOB Congratulations Bożena!  

Geana on show

NDS Hunting Breeds in Spała Hiddekel Gaena – 1 ex, Junior Winner, Best Junior and BOS Congratulations to Dorota!

Garalo BIS III

Little Tiger Garalo!

I can’t be more proud of this little Tiger <3 01.10.2017 – NDS Rostov-on-Don. Hiddekel GARALO !! JCAC, Junior Best of Breed, Best of Breed, Best in Group…

New photos of Gaena in age 10 months

We have a new junior champion!

Hiddekel GASSAM aka Sniff , who lives in Finland got today a BOB and became New Estonian Junior Champion! It’s an amazing achievment in age of 11 months…

Gayeri – the future champion :)

Gayeri in last weekend was on his first training on truck. He was not afraid of cage, and when box opened he start as a proffesional. It’s a…

Garalo is the New Junior Russian Champion!

Garalo got x3 BOB and was BOG I on shows in Russia. He also became a new Junior Russian Champion in age 10 months! Congratulations to owner Ekaterina…

Our boys on shows!

Last weekend was full in succes of our boys! Hiddekel GARALO won in Russia BOB and BOG 1 with handler Katya! Hiddekel GASSAM in Finland won BOB with…