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day 60

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big moma

Zarja is big enough. We hope for delivery in the end of March.

Something new ;)

Well, as I always do officially with „I’d like to inform you..” I would like to say, that litter „i” won’t be only one in my home this…

We expect litter!

With a pleasure I’d like to inform you, that we EXPECT an AZAWAKH litter! After unsuccessful insemination and some natural matings without results I decided to use our…

My Mix Litter has Lovely Families!

Happy 2020!

I always did long summary of past years, but this one is kind of different. Year was like it was but I don’t regret anything. I’m so happy…

The statement about litter W

Litter ( 3 males and 5 females) from insemination of chilled semen born 19.09.2019 in my kennel out of Hiddekel GAENA are not puppies of Aulad Al Sahra’s…

Oficjalne oświadczenie w sprawie miotu W

Szczenięta (3 psy i 5 suk ) z inseminacji schłodzonym nasieniem urodzone w mojej hodowli przez sukę Hiddekel GAENA dnia 19.09.2019 nie są dziećmi samca Aulad Al Sahra’s…

1st World Sighthound Cup Show, Belgium

We are proud to say that Hiddekl FEE FUKAYA AT YALAMEH won Junior BOB and BOB on this show. Congratulations to owner Barbara Weber

Saluki plans!

          We have plans for Saluki litter with our Jaśmina (Yasmin) – desert bred princess. Stay tunned and do not hesitate to contact us…