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JAS Azawakh 2019

JAS Azawakh 2019 summary judge: Marliese Muller (CH) * Aulad al Sahra’s F’ATABA-NURI open class, very good * Hiddekel MANSA MUSA puppy class, very promissing 2/5 * RHAROUS…

Donaueschingen 2019


Sighthounds National Show CAC Wrocław PL

CAC Wrocław 28.07.2019 First Sighthounds National Show Krajowa Wystawa Chartów Judge of Azawakh&Saluki: Galyna Kalinichenko 👑Hiddekel MANSA MUSA „Maniek” BOB Puppy 🕊Aulad al Sahra’s F’ATABA-NURI „Nuri” ex 1…

Bereba & Ieva

Have a nice life Bereba. You were a someone’s dream that came true ♡

Bilanga & Małgorzata

Bilanga is already on the way to her new home <3 The funny things are, that it must be destiny. Her new owner Małgorzata wrote to me the…

All B-kids have new families!

I’m happy to say, that all puppies from Hiddekel litter B have new families <3 [ Fara + Borja ]

CAC Hunting breeds & CAC all breeds Gdynia PL

Bétaré & Simon

Bétaré is going to new home with his owner Simon ♡ Be happy puppy in your new family 😘

Bissiga & Monika

Hiddekel BISSIGA with her new family