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When I got my first Sighthound – Azawakh, I never thought before that I will be in a long relationship with dogs. But I watched how another kennels develope with their own ideas for breedeing. I heard a lot, saw a lot, listened a lot and finaly I found my own idea for my own kennel.

At first, I would like to say thank you for my breeders for giving me their puppies, for trust, and for any advices to the subject of breeding.

I thought a lot about breeding plans and genetics in breeds. Saluki and Azawakh are very specifc,  from health to diet. I’m not experienced very well in that kind of breed but I see how hard is to find health dog, especially Saluki, and with low COI in Azawakhs. There are a lot of rumors in every lines.  My breeding goals are to have typical dogs, healthy, with nice character. I decided to focus on assumptions: Saluki –  with classic type (also working type);  Azawakh – to find health andstraight form (because untill now I can’t say that we have types in Azawakhs, but we can see what kind of dogs takes first places on dog shows, what do not mean they are the best in respect of health or inbreed conbination).

Very important for me is a genepool (COI), so with a first litter (of Azawakhs) I chose a male who is a half-african-blood dog. His mother was imported from Africa. With this match I will have COI 4,10%, which is low in this breed. I accept inbreeding in Azawakh’s with responsible percetn and I would like to make another combinations.

The same thing – COI – I want to use in Saluki, that’s why my first female I imported from Japan with blood not so much simmilar to European. Following of her breeder’s advices I want to go on classic type, because just for me sharing dogs for types should not exist with fact, that we have one standard (unforunately everyone translate it for themselves). Then I would back to ancient form (what could be difficult, but I believe that with time everything will be fine) but with a litlle show type, but different than popular scandinavian type. Another thing is a typical useful type (I could say „ancient form”), so I decided to join a preservation program for Salukis in their country of origin. I will try to do the same with Azawakhs, but for now, I don’t have so much possibilities. I want to fix many things, but of course there is no dog on the world which could be perfect, but follows a present stadards and respect old standards I will try to be closer to what I want to achieve.

I hope that in future, when I will have more experience, I could write more on this page, like my thoughts and another ideas. I believe that, with earning an experience, the point of view on breeds will change. But if breeders focus only on money and famous, we will change nothing, or we will do it but with very small steps.

I’m not afraid of using dogs with little COI or half-imports; I believe that with these things I could develop breeds in a good way. My breedeing plans have long way to achieve.

Having an Azawakh and Saluki is more for me than just only „possiesing”. It’s admire, respect and protect breeds.