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CAC Bytom PL

Charming Hiddekel GAYERI & lovely Bożena CAC Bytom Excellent BOB CAC He’s growing for very confident, handsome, masculine dog ♡ Photo Fotografia Artystyczna Beztros.co Basia


➡️ IDS Leszno PL RHAROUS of Silverdale „Borja” 🏆 very promissing, BOB puppy description: ” Proportional, appropiate in type and expression, typical distance for breed, movement harmoniusly when…

Summary of 2017

It is time to summary our year in kennel Hiddekel. This was a crazy time, with a lot of shows, with a lot of meetings, with ups and…

SUMARRY of World Dog Show & German Winner 2017

Garalo is the New Junior Russian Champion!

Garalo got x3 BOB and was BOG I on shows in Russia. He also became a new Junior Russian Champion in age 10 months! Congratulations to owner Ekaterina…

When dreams come true…

CAC Chojnice PL 30.07.17

CAC Chojnice PL judge: Małgorzata Szmurło – Hiddekel GENESIS – ex 1, BOB, Jun.BOB, Youth Winner, great description. 🏆 Zarja started her Junior Polish Championship – YASMIN –…

9 months!

JAS Azawakh Year Show – Hannover 2017

Unter Frauen about Us

We had a pleasure to say something about our kennel and photography in polish-germany magazine Unter Frauen.