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Azawakh litter I

3 weeks old females: IDALIKA means queen -> preferably showhome ISABIS means something beautiful (pre-booked) ILORI means special treasure (available) males: IRSHAD means direction (reserved) IZEM means lion…

JAS Azawakh Year Show – Hannover 2017

Unter Frauen about Us

We had a pleasure to say something about our kennel and photography in polish-germany magazine Unter Frauen.

Our plans are here!


6 months today! :)

G puppies rules!

Gaena was in Minor  Puppy class *

Zarja in age 5.5 months (photosession)

New photos of Gayeri! <3

CAC Zabrze PL 09.04.2017

Puppies in age 4,5 months

We have almost fresh snaps of our G litter 🙂