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CAC & CACIB Konopiska

21-22.-7.2018 CAC of Hunting Dogs & CACIB all breeds Konopiska PL Hiddekel GAYERI „Geju” was in both days: excellent, BOB, Best Male, CAC and got also a CACIB….

CACIB Szczecin

CACIB Kraków

Gayeri got: 1 ex CAC CACIB BOB Congrats Bożena <3

Show summary of our kennel club ZKwP for 2017

New kennel – Alaxor’s Legacy – my legacy

I’m so happy about Hiddekel GAVINANE aka Tzviah, that she’s base for new kennel in Hungary called Alaxor’s Legacy FCI Azawakh Kennel. But I’m more proud that the…

Ganta – princess in Israel


SE CH   Jammal de la Dehannaie because of a terrible accident the future father-to-be passed away today… I feel so sorry to owner Angela… My heart is…

We will miss you…

MAX our first familly dog passed away today… He was amazing Jagdterrier. 06.12.2000 – 19.04.2018

Spring is comming :)