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Some news!

Short interview during NDS Manowo 01.05.2017 for regional TV. 

Short about breed and my Zarja. 📺 eng „This breed is fresh in Europe, since 70′ last century. In Poland we have actually about 4/5 active kennels, so…

Hiddekel team after shows :)

Our amazing results: •CAC Szczecin 10.06.17 judge: Blanka Horbatowska Arcturus – Genesis – vp 1 BOB Puppy – Yasmin – very good •CAC Bytom 10.06.17 judge: Bruno Nodalli…

coursing Mechlin PL 03.06.17

21.05.17 WOW-Shows for G-puppies!

Zarja’s new photos!

G-girls on the show! 29.04 & 01.05

Hiddekel GAVINANE aka Tzviah made her debut on Budapest Grand Prix (29.04.17) with 2x VP & 2x BOB Puppy. Judge Zafra Siriki (Izrael) Hiddekel GENESIS aka Zarja made…

6 months today! :)

Zarja in age 5.5 months (photosession)