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TOP AZAWAKHS in Poland 2017!

CACIB Katowice 11.02.2018

Azawakh ‚B’ litter SO SOON!

PEDIGREE Fara is PREGNANT! It’s 17th day of pregnancy. On Monday we’ll check again and count nested embryos 💕 Taoudeni will be a dad soon <3

Photos of G-kids

Fara has a heat! Litter B azawakh SOON!

litter B

Summary of 2017

It is time to summary our year in kennel Hiddekel. This was a crazy time, with a lot of shows, with a lot of meetings, with ups and…

German Winner Show Lipsk 2017

– BOB kennel – BOB couple Gayeri&Gaena Junior class: – Hiddekel GAENA „Ruda” – exc. 2/6 – Hiddekel GENESIS „Zarja” – exc. 4/6 – Hiddekel GAYERI „Geju” –…

About my feelings…

Could I be more proud? Amazing weekend behind us on the show in Poznan in Poland on the most important showe here – Poland Winner. As alread everyone…

Happy 1st Birthday G-kids!

Year ago my life changed. After 2 months Fara delivered 8 beautifull puppies. And it was beginning of an amazing journey for me and owners. Of mating Eidi…

2x CACIB Poznan / Poland Winner + Crufts nominations/