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Hiddekel B-Sisters

Bissiga „Siga”, Birji & Bilanga made their coursing licence. Congratulations to owners and supporters <3 Without your work girls wouldn’t be so amazing!

CAC Gorzów Wlkp.

Litter I in New Homes!

All „I” litters babies found their lovely people <3 Idalika – 🇮🇹 lives on big trees/palms nursery Isabis – 🇵🇹 is a companion to a whippet and „grumpy”…

We need to take a break!

Because our life changed a little, we need to take a break 🙂 We do not have plans for any litter this year, maybe half of next. Lot…

Life of puppies in 5-weeks-old

Azawakh – rasa nie dla każdego

       Aktualna sytuacja na świecie sprzyja kupowaniu szczeniąt. Nie mamy co ze sobą zrobić, więc pomysł poświęcenia tego wolnego czasu na psa wydaje się być naturalny. Ponadto…

Azawakh litter I

3 weeks old females: IDALIKA means queen -> preferably showhome ISABIS means something beautiful (pre-booked) ILORI means special treasure (available) males: IRSHAD means direction (reserved) IZEM means lion…

Happy Birthday litter B!

Azawakh „B” litter has First Birthday Happy Birthday s: Betare Birji Balave Bissiga Bilanga Bereba Birala   On photo current litter „I” poster by Birji’s owner Natalia T.

Litter I

Here we are! Litter I born 30.03.2020 is on a board ♡ 4 boys 3 girls Zarja and puppies are doing wel. I would like to thank to…

movie for day 60