With a pleasure I’d like to inform you, that we EXPECT an AZAWAKH litter!

After unsuccessful insemination and some natural matings without results I decided to use our stud dog Borja (Rharous of Silverdale). Year ago he became father for a first time, and I can say that his children looks amazing, very typical for a breed – and so elegant.

Hiddekel GENESIS „Zarja” :

  • Polish Champion
  • Polish Junior Champion
  • VDH Deutscher Jugend-Champion
  • DWZRV-Jugend-Champion
  • Dual Junior Winner Donaueschingen’17
  • VDH Bundesjugendsieger’17
  • FCI Central European Sighthound Junior Winner’17
  • Junior Best In Show III
  • Slovakia Club Junior Winner’17
  • Herbst-Jugendsieger Dortmund’17
  • #2 Top Azawakh female in Poland’17
  • #3 Top Azawakh in Poland’17

RHAROUS of Silverdale „Borja”:

  • Polish Junior Champion
  • FCI Euro Junior Sighthound’19
  • Junior Best In Show III
  • BOB at FCI Euro Sighthound Show Slovenija’20
  • grandson of two import femalse from Mali

I expect that this litter will be similar quality, but what it’s the most interesting in this match is the fact, that mother Zarja and father Borja have real drive needed for coursings!I believe it’s in blood of this dogs 😉 COI is interesting to 10th gen 2,14 %.

Right now first steps in coursing made Borja’s daughter Bissiga and she was good at it! Of course she has time for real sport 🙂

Abotu Borja  – it’s a mommy boy.  He was like this since begginig. Always childish and willing to play with his people or dogs – with no agression. Borja is a happy boy. Incredibly good mover!

Zarja  – she is typical Azawakh from behavior. She can bark for strangers but after some time she keeps quiet.  She loves to spend time with her mom Fara.  If she could she would sleep all days in bed. Sometimes she reminds me of cat. Very fast and loves to play with other dogs. She is very elegant girl.

I’m looking for future owners who really want to understand Azawakhs. This breed is very special, so you want so hard to share your life with Azawakhs. It’s not like have another dog in home , it’s like have another inteligent creature that you need to care on. I’m looking for homes which will respect Azawakhs nature and will love dogs fo what they are. Dogs for sure are not for real hunting. They will be good for lure coursings/tracks. The future homes can be active.