Litter ( 3 males and 5 females) from insemination of chilled semen born 19.09.2019 in my kennel out of Hiddekel GAENA are not puppies of Aulad Al Sahra’s G’AGHILLAS.

DNA tests confirmed dog’s profils in three independedt labolatories.

There wasn’t also uncontroled mating, because Dorota got at home only females and as a breeder she keep safe her teritory.

Such long time break in my social media activity was caused by shock and I needed to rething some actions and reported it to my branch of Polish Kennel Club.

The mating which I imagined was supposed to be with a male from good kennel, ambitious in my eyes. Gaena residing at Dorota Korcz’s home was inseminated in Veterinary Clinic by veternarian and all her pregnancy went correctly. The birth of such puppies was a great shock and mystery to us. Despite suggesting to put them to sleep or conceal their existence, I made a decission, that we should publish this information about black puppies, because we both thought it was the most honest solution when we had nothing to complain about and on our part there was absolutely no reason to suspect irregularities. We considered various possibilities, including the fact that in Gena itself there may be a „problem”, e.g. hidden brindle. We made the decision that DNA and color tests will be carried out anyway, because we want to know ourselves where, what could have happened. It could happen that one of the parents would be a carrier of a black and brindle allele that would not appear, because it would be recessively red: ee. The other parent would be fawn and his color would be determined by other genes, including E_. That would explain the possibility of the birth of puppies of such color in a simple and logical way. That is why I also ordered a genetic test determining the color of the coat for mother and puppies. My guess was not confirmed, one puppy was E / e, but the other black ones were E / E, which confirmed that father had to be E / e, because mother had E / E.

The insemination was due to the fact that Dorota could not arrive on time with Gaena, who was in the heat. It seemed to me the best method, widely used in cynology around the world and in accordance with the principles of breeding. The semen was collected in Italy and chilled to Poland. Nothing foreshadowed the tragedy that could happen. None of us suspected that unusually colored puppies would be born.

As previously agreed, after 4 weeks from birth, the puppies came to my home. From exterier puppies are very similar to azawakhs, which was confirmed by their photos. Till the end I believed that I have pedigree dogs.

My breeding incurred huge costs in the purchase of semen, importing it, taking care of the bitch during pregnancy, and rearing puppies. Nobody will return it, the time Dorota devoted to caring for Ruda and the children; raising them in my house. I treat them like my awaited puppies all the time and I care for them in the same way.

I am very sorry that this situation takes place in my kennel, under my nickname. That pregnancy of my bitch bred by me was destroyed. I am sorry that a wave of hateful speech was poured out on me, that I was accused of foul play while I was never hiding anything and sharing information on a regular basis. I am sad and disappointed with people whom I thought were fine. A lot of unpleasant words remained after them. The number of private messages that I received questioning my actions is huge. The hate that came to me in this short time only showed me who matters in my life.

I have nothing to complain about in my actions. I am not guilty of the fact that non-purebred dogs were born in my kennel. A human mistake was made, and my good name and opinion about my breeding suffered. I consider the publicity of the matter to be the most right and honest from the beginning than hiding the problem. Unless it’s best to „sweep under the rug” everything that is not as expected. And yet, revealing irregularities and talking about them aloud will lead in the future to a duplication of errors that we, cynologists, want to avoid. Disturbing in all this is the fact that since there was a mistake at my place, somewhere in the world is a breeder who, despite his efforts, welcomed mixes in the world. Certainly, the male owner will also want to clarify whether there has been a mistake while collecting the semen and whether it will not happen again in the future.

The case was referred to a lawyer.

Puppies are loved and develop properly. They are looking for their new families and will not be used in breeding.

I would like to thank my family who are involved in my breeding for everything they have done for me. Thank you to all those who have been with me all this time for their support. For being here and saying good words in my depressive moments and for believing in my breeding work and honesty. I also thank those who abstained from comments and deeds and waited patiently for my statement. The situation that has happened to me is difficult for me, so I am asking for your understanding and respect for my time.

Aleksandra Teresińska