Life is surprising and my plans happened earlier than I thought.

I tried with Fara two times before with other males, but first time she absorbed litter, next time she gave my little King Mansa Musa. I bought Borja with an idea to add him in my kennel, but well, obviously not this time. Last months were for me so difficult in fact that my last saluki puppies were in time to go out from my home, and my health was not as good as I realy wanted to be and finaly I ended up in hospital. I can say with all honestly that I had in plans this litter. To cross Borja’s bloodlines with Fara’s, but not this year. When it happened? Well probably when I wasn’t at home and my family didn’t do job as I do around my dogs. Of course I take all responsibility for what happened and right now it’s not time to back and I need to go forward. Am I proud of this situation? Hell yes, I am proud of my dogs, of how they are, of their behaviours and I think they will gave me true joy. Did I learned a lesson? Yes, I did.

Life gave me a lot of experienced moments during my short time, and this can happened even to the best, so here I am – in the best way I’d like to introduce litter „B” out of Fara and Borja.

Thanks to Marta for the add. Exceptional situations require a unique setting.

Puppies will be born in the end of this month.

COI to 10th gen – 3.32%


pdigree II