All babies from litter F in Hiddekel kennel have new homes!🏡

Hiddekel FUKKATSU „Frederic” – stays in kennel, lives with my friend in Poland, Warsaw

Hiddekel FUBUKI „Tokio” – stays in kennel, lives with my friend close to me in Poland

Hiddekel FUJIMI „Jimi” – lives in show home in Poland, Poznan

Hiddekel FEE FUKAYA AT YALAMEH „Fee” – lives in kennel Yalameh in Germany

Hiddekel FUNABASHI „Tomi” – lives in Szczecin, Poland as a company of 5 years-old girl

Hiddekel FURANO – lives in Poland, his owner dreams of coursing career for him

Hiddekel FUKORI – his family are veterinarians and they live in Vienna, Austria

Happy life my dear babies