CAC in Brodnica PL (12-13.01) will be unforgotten for me for sure.
It was show debut of Nuri ( Aulad Al Sahra’s F’Ataba-Nuri) in Poland.
These day was two shows, morning National show, afternoon National Sighthound Show.
On both shows Nuri got Best of Breed.
But the most surprised thing happened on group X competition, when we got 1 place! BEST OF GROUP 1 !
Nuri also opened her Polish Championship

It was hard to believe it was for us. We did a great job.

I need to say, that Nuri is incredible girl. She was very patient, very soft, very calm. I’m thankful to judges Christophe Coppel and Galina Kalinichenko (BOB & BOG) for appreciation this girl.

We have been on a BIS, but well.. For the first time I’m happy to get this placements and sometimes I don’t get everythng what I want to have.

Thank you all who like Nuri and cheered us on ring.

What was the most amazing feeling? When during BIS show everyone screeming name of your breed

On two CAC in Brodnica (12-13.01.19)
Borja ( Rharous of Silverdale) showed his the best sides.
My boy got 2x Youth Winner 2x BOS and on National Sighthound Show he got Junior Best In Show III !😍

What can I say He makes an impression. We need to work more, but judges still appreciate him. The funny thing was, when judge fed cookies Borja on a show ring, pet him on head and say nice words ending our conversation ” next show, too fat!”

Borja did a big step forward. Future for sure belongs to him.
Qoute from description ” Moves so well on his age.”

Thank you again to judge Christophe Coppel for any advices, and thank you again to judg Galina Kalinichenko for put him on JBIS3