*Summary of 2018* will be better than summaries from last years. Although, years 2016 and 2017 and previous were amazing, 2018 gave me a lot more.

I start from my dogs achievements that I’m proud of.
Hiddekel Genesis (Zarja), Gayeri (Geju) and Gaena (Ruda) became Polish Champions, also Ruda got title of Poland Winner and Champion of Champions. As always I’m proud of teams that my dogs created with their owners Dorota and Bożena. Without you it couldn’t happened. Thank you for making kennel name more recognizable
Azawakhs of Hiddekel G litter did amazing job, especially Garalo who became Russian Champion, RKF Champion, Eurasia’18 Winner and Gavinane who became Hungarian Champion. Congratulations !
This year also persian princess from Israel Yasmin (Jaśmina) has ended her Polish Championship.

In 2018 in my home we said hello to new memebers.
In February I got in my arms my half-african boy Borja (Rharous of Silverdale) and since he was 2 days old I knew he will be mine. Borja opened this year his Polish Junior Championship. I have to thank Helene, Elisabeth and Christiane for this lovely boy.

In the middle of the year I welcomed in my home the girl that I’ve waited for so long. After almost 4 years since my first phone call I got a message that Aulad Al Sahra’s F’ataba-Nuri could be mine. And she is. This is wonderful girl and for her, for trust and the rest I need to say thank you to Anne, Marie and Joanna.

Last months of 2018 were a little bit hard but ended with a success. In first days of September my family was involved in dog-family enlargement. At the same time in two different parts on Europe we had a matings.
First mating was in Germany, 900 km from my home we mated Fara and Mano. Here I’m eternally thankful to my beloved boys – brother Mateusz and my man Igor. They drove at night, helped with mating a back home next day. Also big thank you again to Anne and Ylenia for Mano and tips. From this mating I welcomed in November only one child named Hiddekel MANSA MUSA. Mansa was born after Caesarean section. I hold him in arms and I knew he will be so special. His stepmother is a Saluki, his sibilings are Saluki. Mansa is incredible puppy, born in incredible moment and everything what happened to him is special. Igor and I decided that he will stay with us forever, what was obvious after everyhing. He’s my little diamond.
The second mating was at the same time, in Sweden 1700 km from my home. The same day I mated Bianca with Pazada Star Alliance 'Sam’. I’m so thankful for a very warm hospitality of Linn’s parents. Even we didn’t have chance to meet I had a nice time with your parents. Thanks to them, you and Maria for letting me use Sam. After this mating were born 7 outstanding puppies. 5 boys and 2 girls. Puppies passed yesterday a breeding review. They are healthly and in good condition.
I would like to greet new members of Hiddekel kennel: Łukasz-Dorota co-owners of Fubuki, Barbara the new owner of Fee Fukaya, Leonard co-owner of Fukkatsu and Bogumiła owner of Fujimi and also Marina (she doesn’t have a FB) owner of Furano.

At the turn of November and Decemeber I designed a callendar „Terminarz Psiarza” for breeders/show people/dog lovers. With my best friend Kamil Szerszeński we did everything to make it happen. So the fresh callendars are on the way to new owners and I’m so happy and proud.

Thank you for making my dream come true! Next year will be us and Hiddekel kennel will be not only a kennel, but also a brand

In the summer this year I met a lot of great people during action with lost Rhodesian Ridgeback Bingo. After more than 3 weeks of searching lost dog day and night one Angel person caught him and we could him return to owners from Russia. Thanks to this I met future owner of Fubuki. I think it was destiny that I met people who joined my life and changed a little

Thanks to all my family and friends for support my kennel and my things.

And last, but not least: I would like to announce future litter of saluki in my kennel. Jaśmina, my import of Israel will be mother of litter „Y” with a dog, who is C.I.B. and great runner.

I wish everyone Happy New Year 2019!