Let me introduce The Newborn in our kennel Hiddekel.

Today 12.11.18 at 11:40 we took from Fara a Boy with weight 660g.

He is the only one child of Eidi n’Amanar FAR’AAH and Aulad Al Sahra’s H’MANO DAYAK.

Thank you for help and fast reaction to our vet Monika.
Thank you Ylenia, Anne and Joanna for help and possibilities.

Fara after cesar cut is recovering. Mansa seems to be strong puppy.

Let him be a King, as it means in his name.
Mansa (King) Musa was an emperor in Mali. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musa_I_of_Mali

pedigree: https://pawpeds.com/db/…
pedigree II: https://azawakh.breedarchive.com/…/hiddekel-mansa-musa-50c5…