I’d like to present you my first saluki litter in my kennel Hiddekel FCI – Azawakh & Saluki kennel !
Sam ( Pazada Star Alliance) and Bianca (JAY JP Arabian Song) became a parents of 5 boys and 2 girls. Bianca gave birth in 8th November, she started at 15:15 with beautiful girl and finished around 21 with a boy. Mom and kids are fine. It was hard night for us and for Bianca, because it was her first time, she was brave and since first moments she became perfect mom. She care about her kids very well. Right now we need a rest – Bianca, me, Igor and rest of my family, even dogs. They were curious whats going on in home. So. Welcome to our family new babies Thank you all involved to this litter. Especially to Linn and Marie from Badavie for leting me use their Sam, and of course to breeders Patricia & Gary Russel Thanks also to Jay for every tips. Right now that’s all, but will be more ocassion to mention all people The tags made by Bożena Good morning and good night! PS Colors: gold, creme, white