CACIB Szczecin PL 30.06.18
Hiddekel GAYERI „Geju”- 1 excellent CAC CACIB Best Of Breed
Hiddekel GENESIS „Zarja”- 1 excellent CAC CACIB Best Opposit Sex
RHAROUS of Silverdale „Borja” – 1 very promissing Best Puppy of Breed
Judge: Spörr Roland (AT)

I’m so happy about this day, because of Borja. It was his 2nd show and the 1st on a hall, but! He made his show amazing. For sure first minutes inside was very stresfull for him, but on the show ring he was focused on me. He moves absolutely amazing, very proud and correct on his age that I can say that he is the best mover in my home (looking on all my dogs that moved in his age). I’m proud of that. As my friend Nicola said during our training „I think he will be a hall-dog”, but I guess he will be good everywhere. He has nice and calm character, he is not agressive to another dog or people,he keep distance but is easy to touch, just needs a time. I’m impressed so much.
My another positive feeling from the show is a judge behavior. We met different judges on shows, but just only some of them are good close to Azawakhs. When we (3 azawakhs) entried a show ring, Judge kept his hands on back and politely said a command to us. Our Azawakhs were relaxed, didn’t panic, just stood next to Judge. Even checking a Gayeri’s testicles was so gently that we even didn’t relize that it’s all after. Desriptions were very specific and not to long. As an Azawakh owner and person who show dogs I highly recommended Mr Spörr, not by the fact that we won, but because behavior around Azawakhs was professional.

Thank you my friends for a nice day!
Congratulations to Agnieszka Pilot Piłat for Best Of Group, and to Agnieszka Luty-Wysiecka for BOB over 14 salukis and Best Of Group 4.
Thank you Zkwp Szczecin for very nice organisation in the place that Shows was for the first time!