„Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.” H.Ford

Fara decided to not to be a mommy. I feel sad, but it’s just live and I can’t controle everything even if I wanted so hard. I did my best, but it could be many reasons that it is like it is. She was and is healthy, also with Taoudeni is everything ok. Fara absorbed the little beans. I had a hope to the last minutes to get at least one dumpling.

But this experience showed me more than I expected, and I’m thankfull that it happened to me faster than later ( but still could not happened anyway but…) in different situation. I will not give up, and I still have plans for girls. Of course my situation satisfy some, and now we are in the hole, but still climbing to get a top.

Thank you for the support I really appreciate all kind words.