It is time to summary our year in kennel Hiddekel.
This was a crazy time, with a lot of shows, with a lot of meetings, with ups and downs. But all what we have done, was for us a lesson for the future. We had possibilities to get to know more about our puppies, we know in what and where they are the best. We made thousands kilometers around Europe.
So. On a card are titles, wichi we get during a season. I’m glad that people of my puppies work with me, work with dogs and we had opportunities to be on a main shows this year. I want to thank to my close Aza-familly for everything what happened in this time. Dorota & Bajer with Gaena „Ruda” – especially for achievments on EDS; Bożena & Szymonn with Gayeri – for everything you are doing for our golden boy; Karolina – for a beautifull collars and scarfs, which I could show on a very important shows; to Jessica & Sebastian for a great companions on some shows; to Alberto for bred amazing Azawakh Shamo, who is father of all G kids; to my Dad Jacek and my Mom – for possibilites, helps and travels with dogs and me. To Igor, that he still is
We showed our dogs in few cities, in few countries, on important show like:
– Euro Dog Show
– World Dog Show
– German Winner
– Doneaueschingen
– Poland Winner
– JAS (speciality for Azawakhs)
– Dortmund
– FCI Central European Sighthound Show
– Slovakia Sighthound Club Show

I want to say thank to owenr of rest of my puppies for this lovely homes and famillies and also congratulations of show achievments: to Ekaterina with Garalo, to Sonya his handler ; to Lena and Gassam especially for resJW ; to Dafi & Zachi for lovely home for Ganta’lu; to Mr Zbigniew with Gourma aka 'Bakkir’, to Eva & András with Gavinane aka Tzviah for understanding her wild nature I’m happy that I can be still touch with you all. It is so important for me

I’m very thanful to all friends I could meet, for any advices and very good time. I hope next year will be better for all

PS ⚠️ yesss summary 2017, I have next year in head