CACIB Kielce 24.11.17

Hiddekel GENESIS 'Zarja’
1/2 ex Youth Winner BOB

Hiddekel GAYERI 'Geju’
1 ex Youth Winner BOS

J.A.Y. JP Arabian Song 'Bianka’
2/3 ex r.CACIB
Junior Handling place 2 in Older Group with Oliwia Depa

CACIB Kielce 25.11.17
Today judge decided that Gayeri & Zarja don’t look as a true Azawakhs They are to short and to thin
With marks very good we’ll going spent rest time on a show events (with Bianca) and also on a good dinner with all family

Big congratulations to my boy in Finland Hiddekel GASSAM Sniff for today BOB
Congratulation to friend of Aza family Magda & Dorota for an amazing results of your Afghan girl JBOB.

Congratulations to Michał Karbowniczek and my Bianka for a contest „Sabat czarownic” where Bianca was a cute devil and Michał was a witch- they got 2nd place!

Congratulations also to today Azawakhs winner from Kris Nabialczyk for junior BOB and BOB.

CACIB Kielce 26.11.17
– Hiddekel GENESIS „Zarja”
1/2 ex Youth Winner jBOB BOB
– Hiddekel GAYERI „Geju”
1 ex Youth Winner BOS

judge: Åke Cronander
We are waiting for finals now.

Zarja was on a junior finall cut as an only one sighthound The group was too tired for her but she showed herself superb

My handling time!CACIB Kielce 26.11.17
Puli white
ICAR z Korczówki