-Hiddekel GAENA exc 2/6
-Hiddekel GENESIS exc 4/6
-Hiddekel GAYERI vg
-J.A.Y. JP Arabian Song exc 3/4
-BOB Breeder Hiddekel FCI
-BOB Couple Gayeri & Gaena

-Hiddekel GASSAM exc 2/8 res.JCAC
-Hiddekel GAYERI exc 4/8
-Hiddekel GARALO exc/8
-Hiddekel GAENA exc 4/11
-Hiddekel GENESIS exc/11 (finall 5)
-J.A.Y. JP Arabian Song exc 3/17
-BOB Breeder Hiddekel FCI
-BOB Couple Gayeri & Gaena

I’m very thankfull to all my friends for keeping fingers crossed, esecially to Lena and Ekaterina for a travel to the show from afar. Thank you to handlers Sonya and Masaki for showing my dogs. Dorota, Bożena, Szymon thank you for a time there and for this Dream Team I’m so happy of the results anyway. Congratulations to all and see you on the next World Dog Shows

Beautiful collars by Creatif group
photo by Jessica

Gassam, Gayeri, Gaena, Genesis
(with Gassama’s ear is everything OK , he just moved head to fast )