Plans for middle of 2018.
*Dam: Eidi n’Amanar FAR’AAH Fara
(Aulad Al Sahras L’Eguel + Tombouktous X’Alamou)

*Sire: TAOUDENI 'n shat-ehad
(Modibo 'n shat-ehad + Oum Namous 'n shat-ehad)

Faras’ achievments:
~ C.I.B.
~Polish Junior Champion
~German Junior Champion
~Dwzrv Junior Champion
~Montenegro Champion
~Polish Champion
~Moldova Champion
~Basarabiei Champion
~Moldova Grand Champion
~v2 ResVDH winner in middle class JAS 2015 (azawakh speciality in Germany)
~open championships:
~mom of succesfull litter 'G’
Taoudeni’s achievments:
~ German Champion
~ DWZRV Champion
~ coursing licence

* pedigree :

– First imported dog is in 3rd generation of Sire pedigree

* COI to 10th generation 5,77%

I’m looking for future owners who really want to understand azawakhs mind. This breed is very special , so you need to be ready for an amazing journey with azawakh.
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Faras movements movies: