Could I be more proud? Amazing weekend behind us on the show in Poznan in Poland on the most important showe here – Poland Winner.

As alread everyone knows, Hiddekel Gaena won BOB in both days, Crufts nomination and became Poland Junior Winner. I’m so happy she is in very good hands of Dorota.
Gaena „Ruda” is a JEW’17 (with Junior BIS of X gr and BOB) PLJW’17 JChPl JCUa
Hiddekel Gayeri showed himself perfect, but it wasn’t possible if not Bożena works with him. The results of this cooperation are visible on every show. He achievs a title of Poland Junior Winner and Polish Junior Champion and has also Crufts nomination.

I couldn’t image better owners of my G-kids than this Two Girls.
Dorota and Bożena without You, my dreams about such an amazing team could never come true. Thank you for being part of my journey with Azawakhs. It means a lot for me.

I want also say big thank you for a nice atmosphere around show rings to Karolina Agnieszka Jessica Sebastian Szymon Markéta Beatrice and to other friends which I met that time. Congratulations to all !

Thx Dorota for a photo with my two amazing kids!