CACIB Poznań PL 21.10.17

🏅Hiddekel GAENA „Ruda”
1 ex CAC, Junior BOB, BOB
Crufts Nomination 2018

🏅Hiddekel GAYERI
1 ex CAC,BOS
Crufts Nomination 2018

🎖J.A.Y. JP Arabian Song „Bianca”
1 ex CAC

judge: Hanna Woźna-Gil

Thank you all for a very nice day and congratulations to all winner

What a day and results!
CACIB Poznań PL 22.10.17

🏆 Hiddekel GAENA „Ruda”
1 ex Junior BOB, BOB
Poland Junior Winner

🏅Hiddekel GAYERI
1 ex Junior BOS
Poland Junior Winner

🎖J.A.Y. JP Arabian Song „Bianka”
1 ex CAC res.CACIB

Judge: Hans-Joachim Dux

Congratulations to Bożena and Dorota for showing our babies ♡ Great job ♡
I’m so happy and proud ♡
Thanks to other friends and their achievments for spending a good time together