When I planned my first Azawakh litter, I didn’t expected that my puppies achieved so much in such young age – of 10 months.

My beloved kids were showing on:

  • European Dog Show, Kiyv Ukraine
  • FCI Central European Sighthound Show, Mojmirovce Slovakia

Hiddekel GAYERI and GAENA were on 3 day-show in Ukraine when achieved BOB and BOS. In last day, on the EDS Hiddekel GAENA surprised us so much, when she get Best of Breed and Junior BOB and finally she became

1st Junior Best of Group X !

She also is right now Junior Champion of Ukraina. I’m so glad of my girl! Congratulations also to coowner Dorota Korcz for perfect handling and carry on of our girl.

Hiddekel GAYERI is still BOS and needs one JCAC to be J CH UA. He with his owner did a great job on shows <3 Even if he got Very Good mark on EDS, Bożena, his owner did her best to keep him calmc over this stress situation when judge tried to put his finger in the middle of his teeth. :/

Both were also showed on Best Breedeing Group – unfortunately without results, because it’s hard competition for Azawakhs.

Everything is possible to see on retransmission from EDS day 26.08.17

I’m still over the moon and still proud of them.

A lot of people sad bad words, because Dorota and Geana wouldn’t be part of Junior Best in Show next day. And as I said on my FB – the happines and healthy of our girl „Ruda” is the main thing and we will always care about her mood. Winning is not everything. I accpeted Dorota’s deccision about back home and I now know that taking her as a owner of my girl was the best thing I could make for my aza-babies.

Hiddekel GENESIS was with me on Slovakia, when at the same time other Hiddekel Team were in UA.

We were on the first show called FCI European Sighthound Show were Zarja became Junior winner and finally was 3rd Junior Best in Show over all junior sighthounds. It’s amazing achiev for her especially she was not so happy because of hot weather. Next day was a Club Sighthound Show in Slovakia, wehre she also got 1st place in Junior class and became Junior Winner of Slovakia Sighthound club. She is my little star.

I feel amazing as a breeder, very fresh in breed. I’d like to say that when we believe in our dreams, then they come true. Of course the dogs and their lifes are for the first place in all this „show must go on”. I believe also that our kids will show their best sides soon on other shows in Europe.

Also thank you for all who are a part of our succes. Who believe in us and support us in every our step. It’s very important to have around people who believs in our ideas. Thank you all <3 I love you <3