All sighthounds lovers know about this one of the most important show in our shedulde. Donaueschingen is the most popular show for sighthounds, and this year were more than 2000 dogs.

I was with Zarja and Jaśmin, Gayeri was with his owner Bożena.

The results are amazing for me.

Day 1:
-Hiddekel GENESIS – ex 1/3 Junior Winner Donaueschingen’ 17, jBOS, JgdVDH, JgdCAC
Zarja started her Junior German Championship

-Hiddekel GAYERI – ex 2/3 JgdResVDH, JgdResCAC

-YASMIN – not to judge  (because she didn’t want to be touched by a judge. i understand her totally)

Day 2:
-Hiddekel GENESIS – ex 1/4, jBOS, JgdVDH, JgdCAC

-Hiddekel GAYERI – ex 2/3 JgdResVDH, JgdResCAC

-YASMIN – not showed


I feel so so proud and very thankfull for all people who made it possible for me and my dogs! <3