Time flies so fast and they are already 9 months. They are not puppies anymore, they are now Juniors. My dumplings are changing into beautiful Azawakhs. G litter out Tigidit SHAMO () & Eidi n’Amanar FAR’AAH. I’m so happy that homes that I chose are so involved in puppies development. I’m also happy that I am in contact with every puppy owner here in Poland or abroad. It’s my little succes.

Till today G litter achieved:
– Gayeri /PL/~6xVP, 2xBOB Minor Puppy, 3xBOB Puppy

-Garalo /RUS/~2xVP, 2xBOB Puppy, BIS3, BIS1

-Gourma /PL/Lives as a home dog.

-Gassam /FIN/~6x VP, 2x BOB, 2x BOS, BIG3, 2x Best Male 2nd

-Genesis /PL/~7xVP, 6xBOB Puppy

-Gavinane /HU/~4xVP, 4xBOB Puppy, BIS3 puppy

-Gaena /PL/ ~7xVP, 2x BOB minor puppy, BIS4 minor puppy, 5x BOB puppy

-Ganta /ISR/~ VP

This day is also important for me, because all owners&my succeses would be impossible if not one person. He was and is behind my every move, he supported me, walked with dogs when I was with puppies, cleaned puppy-room, played with them and care about all. I need to say big THANK YOU to my beloved Igor who is more involved in kennel than anyone else. Without you would be not so easy. Thank you: Bożena Leszczyńska,Dorota Korcz,Eva Alaxai, Zachi Nvo, Dafi Almog, Lena Juslin, Ekaterina Belitskaya…for perfect care, understand needs of babies and that you wanted to share life with Azawakh. Love you all!