AZAWAKH JAHRESAUSSTELLUNG, Hannover 2017 one of important show for Azawakhs
Puppy class:
– Hiddekel GAYERI – vp 2/2, very nice description but judge preffer male who looked like female, but was touchable. Judge also told about Gayet that with more practice he will be Best.
– Hiddekel GENESIS – vp 1, judge was happy because he touched her what he noticed in nice description.

CACIB Konopiska
Bianka aka J.A.Y JP Arabian Song – exc 1 CAC res.CACIB ( female with CACIB is already C.I.B. so I’ll write for changing it for CACIB for Biank and then she will start her Interchampion.) Thank you Jessica & Sebastian for perfect care and handling. Confratulations to Bożena & Szymon for a possibility to show my boy on this show ♡ Thank you all ♡♡♡