~Hiddekel GENESIS aka Zarja
7 months old

She is after first coursing , and she did it amazing. I’m so impressed because she saw lure for the first time in her life. She was not afraid of other dogs, machine or something. She just focused on lure and ran all track. At the finish line she jumped on lure as she wanted to say „move again!”. With happines on her face she back to me.
For sure we will not waste her talent.🏆

~YASMIN aka Jaśmina
2,5 yo

We tried to make her coursing licence, but we ended with nothing. She wanted to play with dogs or run around than follow the lure and finally I need to catch her in the forest🙄. It was also her first time with coursings. In that day she ran as a last dog (because of escape). What a pity, that her run could observe few people. She showed that she is able to be the best. Made full track, catched lure and… she didn’t back to me again. She needs time to run free.

I’m happy that both girls ran anyway, no matter that without results of achieve licence. Next time they will beat the competition! 😎

+ of coursings: the best company to enjoy time! Thank you for it Dorota, Karolina Atiya, Magda, Aleksandra, Joanna, Bartosz, Agnieszka and other

– of coursings: well, we had a little problems with parkings. I understand that coursings are in nature, but will be better if organisators could say about opportunities to drive to place and parking for different types of vehicles. There was a lot of sand in the middle in forest and it is forbidden to stay or drive in. Not only we have this in mind.😐

Of course there I focus on the better things of this meeting. 😉