♥ Puppies are 7 days <3

They are under Fara and my care. So now, it’s time to thank
especially Alberto Tigidit Rossi for the possibility of meeting Shamo and to Ines
for suggesting Shamo, because I was looking for brindle male who will fit to Fara.

I wanna thank also to my vet Mrs Monika Muś-Jurczyk for keeping the pregnancy from the beginning and help with another dogs from my kennel;tor Katarzyna Żurek for your substantive comments and keeping me away from panic  Also big thank to Carola Lehmann Ehen-n Ma, Karolina Atiya Foedke, Keren Mintz Salukis for your advices about puppies. Thank Eva for your suppor

Big thanks for my beloved Igor for everything , and for all you who I don’t remeber know but any adivce were and are helpful. Thank you for keeping fingers for my babies and me   

Female 4

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Male 3

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Male 2







Male 1

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Female 3

img_6093-kopia img_6102-kopia






Male 4







Female 1

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Female 2

img_6153-kopia img_6151-kopia