CACIB Szczecin

CACIB Kraków

Gayeri got: 1 ex CAC CACIB BOB Congrats Bożena <3

CAC Bytom PL

Charming Hiddekel GAYERI & lovely Bożena CAC Bytom Excellent BOB CAC He’s growing for very confident, handsome, masculine dog ♡ Photo Fotografia Artystyczna Basia

Show summary of our kennel club ZKwP for 2017

New kennel – Alaxor’s Legacy – my legacy

I’m so happy about Hiddekel GAVINANE aka Tzviah, that she’s base for new kennel in Hungary called Alaxor’s Legacy FCI Azawakh Kennel. But I’m more proud that the…


➡️ IDS Leszno PL RHAROUS of Silverdale „Borja” 🏆 very promissing, BOB puppy description: ” Proportional, appropiate in type and expression, typical distance for breed, movement harmoniusly when…

Ganta – princess in Israel

Weekend full of success!

EURASIA-2018 in Moscow!!

I have no words! <3 Hiddekel GARALO <3 The Tiger from Russia got BOB and CACIB on EURASIA Show!! From now Garalo is Ch.RKF and Ch.Eurasia!! This is…