CACIB Zielona Góra

We started our season in Zielona Góra. Zarja „Hiddekel GENESIS” got Best Adult Bitch, CWC, CACIB and she opened her adult Polish Championship. Of course she was in…

TOP AZAWAKHS in Poland 2017!

Leszno Champion of Champion’s

EU JW 2017, PL JW, PL JCH, UA JCH Hiddekel GAENA „Ruda” 🏆again BOB and new title Champion of Champion’s <3 Thank you Dorota for presenting her on…

Welcome home

So… It’s not anymory a secret, that this little fella came to my home. I was waiting for him since he was born. Rharous „Borja” of Silverdale. <3…

CACIB Katowice 11.02.2018

„Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.” H.Ford Fara decided to not to be a mommy. I feel sad,…

Azawakh ‚B’ litter SO SOON!

PEDIGREE Fara is PREGNANT! It’s 17th day of pregnancy. On Monday we’ll check again and count nested embryos 💕 Taoudeni will be a dad soon <3

Photos of G-kids

Happy New Year 2018